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nice to meet you.
We are the Dunkers. We are artists, entrepreneurs, producers and nature lovers.
We look forward to creating new environmental stories with you.
On set (Change - Inanna)

our story.

Our journey began in Spain in 2013, where our lives intertwined, evolving into a partnership both in love and creativity. Fueling our connection is a shared passion the arts, for the wonders of nature and the animal kingdom.

In 2018, serendipitous life circumstances brought us to Los Angeles, where we are currently living and working. Since then, we both committed to use our creative skills and knowledge to a cause larger than ourselves: the preservation and flourishing of our precious planet. Our creative endeavors have been dedicated to a singular purpose - shaping media content for the future of the Earth. In 2022, Annalisa, together with Jane Elizabeth, co-founded Better Earth Media, a nonprofit organization. This collaborative venture paved the way for the inception of Better Earth Productions in 2024, a natural evolution of our former company Dunker Media, that emerged as an essential spin-off of the nonprofit. We are driven by our belief in storytelling as one of the most powerful tools to inspire change and shape a better future for generations to come.

Annalisa, a multifaceted producer, artist and performer, gracefully serves as the Head of Development. Anders, a writer, journalist and producer, serves as the visionary CEO of Better Earth Productions. Together, we search for and weave stories that inspire, and intersect with the biggest and longest story of all: the story of planet Earth. 

meet the team.

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